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Stock Inquiry  01/14/22 3:41:26 PM

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Graymont Coop is pleased to offer preferred stock to purchase for its common stockholders. Each common stockholder may own a maximum of 100 shares of preferred stock and can buy up to 50 shares in any fiscal year of the cooperative. The preferred shares have a constant par value of $100 per share and can be purchased by submitting a request to coop management. Requests meeting the by-law requirements will be presented to the Board of Directors for approval. Each year the Board of Directors vote to set the dividend to pay on the preferred stock. As a reference this dividend has been 6% for many years but past performance is not indicative of future results; it is a year-to-year decision by the Board of Directors. The spirit of preferred stock ownership is viewed by the company as a way for a common stockholder to increase the investment they have in the company while they are actively using the products and services of the coop. If a preferred stockholder is no longer a common stockholder your preferred stock may be bought back by the company with a vote of the Board of Directors. If you are interested in learning more about purchasing preferred stock with Graymont Coop please fill out the stock request form by clicking the link below and someone from the coop will be reaching out to you soon to discuss this further.
We appreciate and thank you for your continued patronage and investment in YOUR company!

Stock Inquiry Form

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